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Recent News and Updates

8/15/16 – If you’re in the vicinity of Philadelphia this weekend, stop by the Expo Center in Oaks, PA and visit booth 550B to check out our DIY kits and finished necklaces!

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6/18/16 – We’re back from Milwaukee and almost recovered. We had a great time and met oodles of interesting people with all kinds of great ideas for using our kits – we’re looking forward to seeing the results! DIY seed bead kits are now available (and correctly priced!) for the Carnelian Manga kit and the Amethyst Manga kit. If you’re looking for the Calcite Lantern kit, I’ll be putting that together in July, so check back in early August. If you’re in Massachusetts, you can find our necklaces on sale at the Whiffle Tree Gallery in Billerica. And we’ve just signed up for a booth at BeadFest in August, so if you’re in the vicinity of Philadelphia Aug. 19-21, stop by and check us out!

Solar powered rechargeable LED  illumination system

  • Finished jewelry, DIY kits and individual components available.
  • A single LED illuminates the focal bead in each necklace.
  • Solar-rechargeable battery pack (“power clasp”) mounts between a magnetic necklace clasp to provide power. (No batteries to change!)
  • One power clasp can illuminate necklaces interchangeably.
  • Necklaces can be worn with or without the power clasp. (Power clasp adds one inch to total length.)
  • Created by jewelry designers for jewelry designers, our DIY assembly uses tools and methods familiar to beaders, like screw crimps, tube crimps and multi-strand stringing wire.