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Green Crackle

Green Crackle



(power clasp sold separately)

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Faceted crackle agate focal (green, 16mm), round and faceted agate beads, hematite, sterling silver beads and findings.

Length: 16″ + 1″ power clasp.

Silver-plated magnet clasp. White-bronze power clasp recommended (pcl1-wbz sold separately).

All the agate beads in this piece are the same green color, somewhere between mint and teal – I’m going to call it “blue-green algae.”  The focal bead is approximately transparent with a little bit of cloudiness throughout and a distinct darker crackle matrix enhanced by the faceting. When lit, the color is mottled with regions of milky white, blue, “blue-green algae” and yellow-green.

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