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Recent News and Updates

More power clasp developments!
     The casting company which makes the bronze housings for our solar-clasps can also make the tiny hole necessary to support a micro-usb connector.  So now we have a USB rechargeable clasp in both bronze and white bronze!  And with USB you can wear your illuminated necklace even during sunless Arctic winters (or days that seem like sunless Arctic winter)!
  • February 28. Reception for Newton Art Association’s ‘Fiber and Metal’ exhibit, Easy St. Newton Highlands, MA. Wed Feb 28, 6:30-8:30 pm. (The official address is 23 Needham St, but “on the left at the end of Easy St” will get you closer to the front door.)
  • March 3-4. The Innovative Bead & Jewelry Expo, 201 Washington Ave (Best Western), North Haven, CT. Sat, March 3 10-5 & Sun March 4, 11-4. Admission is $4; save $1 with this coupon.
  • April 14. New England ISGB Annual One-Day Glass Art & Bead Extravaganza, 242 Adams Place (Regency Hotel), Boxboro, MA. Sat, April 14 10-4. Admission is $3; save $1 with this coupon.
  • May 11-12. Innovative Bead & Jewelry Expo, Marlboro, MA.
  • June 7-10. Bead &Button Show, Milwaukee, WI.
  • July 28-29. Innovative Bead & Jewelry Expo, Concord, NH.
  • August 17-19. BeadFest, Philadelphia, PA.
  • September 8-9. CT Bead Society Annual Sale, Middletown, CT.
  • September 14-15. Innovative Bead & Jewelry Expo, Marlboro, MA.
  • September 29. Innovative Bead & Jewelry Expo, Fishkill, NY.
  • October 19-21. Whole Bead Show, New York, NY.
  • November 9-11. Hartford Artisans Showcase, Hartford, CT.

Solar powered rechargeable LED  illumination system

  • Finished jewelry, DIY kits and individual components available.
  • A single LED illuminates the focal bead in each necklace.
  • Solar or USB rechargeable battery pack (“power clasp”) mounts between a magnetic necklace clasp to provide power. (No batteries to change!).
  • One power clasp can illuminate necklaces interchangeably.
  • Necklaces can be worn with or without the power clasp. (Power clasp adds one inch to total length.)
  • Created by jewelry designers for jewelry designers, our DIY assembly uses tools and methods familiar to beaders, like screw crimps, tube crimps and multi-strand stringing wire.