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Recent News and Updates

AnglerFish Handmade Lampwork is now available in the Gallery!
  We have updated our Gallery pages to show necklaces and lampwork beads separately. New lampwork beads and bead sets will be posted at the start of every month. When you find some you like, email us to inquire about availability.


Solar powered rechargeable LED  illumination system

  • Finished jewelry, DIY kits and individual components available.
  • A single LED illuminates the focal bead in each necklace.
  • Solar or USB rechargeable battery pack (“power clasp”) mounts between a magnetic necklace clasp to provide power. (No batteries to change!).
  • One power clasp can illuminate necklaces interchangeably.
  • Necklaces can be worn with or without the power clasp. (Power clasp adds one inch to total length.)
  • Created by jewelry designers for jewelry designers, our DIY assembly uses tools and methods familiar to beaders, like screw crimps, tube crimps and multi-strand stringing wire.