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Lighting without compromise.

Our goal at AnglerFish is to enable designers to easily incorporate lighting technology into fine jewelry.  For the past five years our lighting technology has evolved into a product that just works. It doesn’t require new batteries. It doesn’t require software updates. Our solar clasps simply require sunlight, and our USB products use a standard micro-USB charging cable.

Gallery of Power Clasp Evolution


The system components are high quality jewelry findings. The same findings can be found in the finest jewelry. Now artisans and hobbyists can introduce LED lighting into their pieces without soldering, without experience in DIY electronics and, most importantly, without compromising on the aesthetics of the finished piece.

Supporting The Local Economy

We’re a small business located in Bolton Massachusetts.  Our power clasp cases are produced using the lost-wax casting technique in Mesilla Valley, NM.  Our circuit boards are produced and assembled in Massachusetts with the final assembly done on site.  And of course, all our finished jewelry products are hand-made here in Bolton, Ma.

Why the anglerfish?

The anglerfish lives out its life at great ocean depths in the dark. Considering its appearance, this might not be such a bad thing. Like most dark places, the benthic zone is a place where simply finding things is a major ordeal. It takes ingenuity to locate dinner or a mate. The anglerfish harnesses the mesmerizing attraction of a light in the dark to lure its dinner.

Our AnglerFish jewelry is unlikely to summon a delicious seafood meal, but the anglerfish’s creative problem-solving captures the attitude that fuels our development of luminous, solar-powered jewelry.

About the Designers

Kristin Kearns
Jewelry designer and resident astronomer

“My professional life began with X-ray astronomy and moved down the spectrum to radio waves before spending a decade as a physics professor. My artistic life began much earlier and has spanned an even broader range including various fiber arts and ceramics before arriving at jewelry design. I love being immersed in color and creating things that are both practical and beautiful.”

Len Keeler
Technology designer and resident futurist.

“I’ve been in science, but have always had an artistic side and an appreciation for aesthetics. I’m for developing technology that is well-adapted to its purpose. Oh yeah – and I wish I had more time to develop my trapeze skills.”