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Q: Why is the solar clasp ‘only charged by sunlight’?

A: Sunlight is generally much brighter than indoor lighting (see exception in the next question).   Even a partially cloudy day rivals the brightest indoor lighting. Just store your clasp on a sunny windowsill to keep it charged.  Some household LED replacement bulbs will generate enough light for charging without generating too much heat (see below).  Finally, as an alternative, see our USB version!

Q: How can I use my jewelry if it’s overcast for a week?

A: The clasps are interchangeable. If your area is particularly dark and/or stormy, or if you want your necklace to glow for longer than about 6 hours at a stretch, you may want to purchase a second clasp.  If there is no bright sunlight, a common household LED replacement bulb can produce enough light to recharge your clasp without generating a lot of heat.  Orient your clasp so that the solar cell is just a few inches away from the bright surface of a household LED bulb and let it charge for a few hours.  Finally: if you know that your house doesn’t get much direct sunlight, or if you plan to illuminate your necklace often, we suggest using one of our USB rechargeable clasps!

Q: Can I use my own crimps or magnetic clasps?

A: Yes! Our system uses standard 2mm x 2mm tube crimps, screw-tite crimps, and standard 6mm x 6mm magnetic tube clasps. The springs and LED strands are only available for sale from AnglerFish and our distributors.

Q: How difficult is it to make my own illuminated necklace?

A: It is not difficult, but it is assumed that the user has strung a bead necklace and used a tube crimp. The assembly does require a crimping tool and flush cutters to cut the wire to size. The activity is not appropriate for children who might swallow small parts, but is simple enough for older kids (ages 14+ years) to do with some adult guidance.

These products are not a toy, and are not intended for children under 14 years.

Troubleshooting Tips for your AnglerFish Necklace

Problem:  Focal piece is not very bright

This may be inherent in the design, as some focal pieces are only noticeable in dim lighting. If you see no light even in total darkness, the power clasp needs to be recharged. The clasp will only charge with sunlight or other very bright sources; typical indoor lighting is not bright enough to replenish the charge. Make sure the clasp receives a minimum of two hours of direct sunlight (dark side up).  Placing the clasp outside on a sunny day may help.  (Don’t attempt this in the rain – the power clasp is not waterproof.)  As an alternative to sunlight you can place the solar cell of the clasp within a few inches of a common household replacement LED bulb.  Do not store the power clasp connected to a piece of jewelry – this may cause the storage capabilities of the internal rechargeable battery to degrade.

Problem: Light flickers

Due to the fact that the magnetic connections serve as both mechanical and electrical contacts the light may occasionally flicker.  If it flickers excessively, make sure that the magnetic connector is well seated in the clasp housing and that hair or clothing is not interfering with the connection. Make sure that the contact areas of the power clasp are free of dirt and debris.  The contact areas may be cleaned with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol.  We often give the tube crimp at the end of the wire an extra little crush to make sure the metal pierces the invisible coating of the brass wire.