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Illuminated Bead Display

Illuminated Bead Display



A USB-powered, modular display for illuminating lampwork beads from the inside.  A small acrylic rod transmits light from within the wooden base to the inside of a lampwork bead. The bead can be easily slid on and off the display, and the length of the rod can be adjusted for the bead being displayed.  The transmitted light brightness is comparable to the brightness of our LED strands powered by our power-clasp system.  Base measures 2.5″x2.5″x0.75″.  A micro-usb cable (sold separately) plugs into a standard USB-to-wall-outlet adapter (not included) to deliver power to the unit. Each display stand also has a standard USB output port on the opposite side for cascading multiple displays in series; an additional cable is needed for each unit in the chain.  The instructions for use (included in kit) can also be found on our support page.

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