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Silicone Tubing by-the-inch

Silicone Tubing by-the-inch


$0.25 per inch

Silicone tubing (OD 2.5mm, ID 1.5mm) used to create a smooth hole for passing an LED strand through the core of kumihimo and other weaves. (See the “Gimp-weave Tubes” PDF on our Support page for more info.)

Tubing is sold by the inch.¬†Click the “Add to Cart” button, then scroll down to your shopping cart ,edit the Quantity and hit ‘return’ to order more than 1″!

Orders of up to 24″ will ship as a single length; orders of more than 24″ may ship as multiple lengths. Add instructions in the comment section of the paypal order if you have specific length requirements.

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