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Calcite Lantern Necklace Kit

Calcite Lantern Necklace Kit



This kit contains the beads and instructions to complete the Calcite Lantern Necklace (finished necklace is available on our jewelry page).  *Remember to add a power clasp!

Kit contains:

  • Beads to complete a necklace up to 24″ long with a 4″ pendant
  • One pendant-style LED strand
  • One set of clasp-end components in gold color
  • Detailed assembly instructions

To complete the necklace you will need the following (not included in kit):

  • 1 AnglerFish Power Clasp to power the LED (PCL1-bz, or usb1-bpl)
  • Fireline 6-lb thread, crystal color, 30ft
  • Thread burner or cutter
  • #12 beading needle
  • Two needle-nose or chain-nose pliers for wire wrapping
  • Jeweler’s screwdriver for screw crimps (flat blade <0.25mm thick x1.5mm wide)
  • Crimping pliers for 2x2mm crimp tubes and 3-4mm crimp covers
  • Flush cutting pliers or similar, to cut 22-gauge bronze wire and Aculon beading wire
  • Measuring tape or ruler

This seed-bead necklace kit features a unique calcite crystal focal bead. As these are natural stones, the exact appearance of each focal bead will vary slightly. The kit makes extensive use of herringbone stitch, primarily the tubular form, with size 15 seed beads. The pattern introduces the stitch with a small practice tube. The instructions also show how to assemble the leaf dangle, mount the focal bead within the stitched piece, and install the pendant LED strand. The instructions include over 40 photos and diagrams of the stitching and assembly process.

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