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USB LED Starter Kit – white bronze/silver

USB LED Starter Kit – white bronze/silver



Kit contains:

  • one power clasp (USB rechargeable clasp, cast in white-bronze)
  • three LED strands (two through-style and one pendant-style, 7-strand nylon-coated brass wire)
  • three sets of magnetic clasp components in silver color (3 pair 6mm x 6mm magnets, 6 screw crimps, 9 crimp tubes, 9 springs)
  • jeweler’s screwdriver for screw-crimps
  • illustrated assembly instructions

Kit does not include a flush-cutter for trimming wire to length or crimping pliers for 2mm tube crimps.

Wire length is 28″, wire diameter is 0.49mm. LED element diameter is 1.6mm. Through-style LED elements are 6-9mm long; pendant-style LED elements are 10-12mm long.



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