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(power clasp sold separately)

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Carnelian focal (matte orange, 10mm), shiny red agate rounds, small faceted carnelian rounds, hand-stitched glass seed bead elements in black, bone, transparent apricot and metallic bronze, glass bugle beads, brass and glass spacers.

Length: 16.25″ + 1″ power clasp.

Gold-plated magnet clasp. Bronze power clasp recommended (pcl1-bz sold separately).

The focal carnelian illuminates as a uniform warm orange with no inclusions or crackle features. The bugle beads (tubes) that appear black in our photos also appear black in person until back-lit; when light passes thru these beads they reveal themselves to be a very deep royal blue.

NOTE:  If you’re a maker, this is also available in kit form!

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