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Manga Necklace Kit

Manga Necklace Kit



Note:  This kit contains the beads to make the Manga necklace (the finished necklace is available on our jewelry page).  A power clasp will be necessary to illuminate the assembled necklace.

Kit contains:

  • Beads to complete a necklace up to 20″ long
  • One through-style LED strand
  • One set of clasp-end components in brass color
  • Detailed assembly instructions

To complete the necklace you will need the following (not included in kit):

  • 1 AnglerFish Power Clasp to power the LED (PCL1-bz, or usb1-bpl)
  • Fireline 4-lb smoke thread (~13ft)
  • #12 needle
  • Needle-nose or chain-nose pliers for pulling needle through beadwork
  • Jeweler’s screwdriver for screw-tite crimps (flat blade <0.4mm thick x1.5mm wide)
  • Crimping tool for 2x2mm crimp tubes
  • Flush cutting pliers or similar, for cutting LED-strand wire
  • Thread burner (optional)
  • Superglue (optional)

This seed-bead necklace kit features super-duo beads and carnelian rounds.

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